Tsuru 都留市

For the hiking enthusiast, Tsuru hits the spot with a whopping 21 different peaks to choose from and campsites complete with onsens. Mt. Fuji’s proximity also provides Tsuru with a source of incredibly clear water, ideal for growing select produce like wasabi (which you can pick yourself!) and fish. Haiku master Matsuo Basho also lived here for a time and many of his poems are displayed around the city.


Tsuru’s spring water is rather special, as the fallen snow and rain from Mt. Fuji is slowly filtered through its volcanic ash and rocks to emerge clean and clear. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the buildup of lava during eruptions led to the flow of spring water, that rain from over a decade earlier makes its way into the waters, and the clean water that results is ideal for cultivating wasabi, mizukakena turnips, and freshwater fish. In other words, Tsuru is where you can see, pick, and eat produce made possible by waters cleansed by Mt. Fuji itself—nice!