Akiruno あきる野市

Akiruno is for lovers of the great outdoors, especially near the Aki (lit. autumn) River. Find a spot on the riverbed and space out to the sounds of the water, take a dip, or try catching a fish to grill! Come autumn, the trees lining the river turn into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, making for breathtaking views from the Ishibune skywalk.


Mountain streams, canyons, and even limestone caves to explore? And just an hour from central Tokyo? Akiruno has got them all. The area’s spring water is known for being incredibly clear, with two of the city’s shrines housing ponds listed among Tokyo’s most famous springs.
Links to Japanese history abound here as well, from Tokura Castle once ruled by the powerful Uesugi samurai clan, to temples constructed by a samurai general in the 12th century and the first Ashikaga shogun in the 14th century. You can even spend a night in a renovated Japanese school or take in the sights and sounds of Akiruno’s natural surroundings...as a ninja.