Hachioji 八王子市

Hachioji is kind of like Tokyo’s back porch; you’re still technically “at home” but the concrete and asphalt quickly make way for trails to hike and lush greenery to take in. Rapid service on the Chuo Line from Tokyo Station makes the easy climb up nearby Mt. Takao a great day trip option.


Awarded a “Must See” three stars by The Michelin Green Guide and boasting some 2.6 million (!) climbers each year, the 599-meter Mt. Takao is home to a plethora of plants, insects, and wildlife, much of which can be seen in detail at the Takao 599 Museum. It is also a revered mountain, long seen as the home of mythical winged and long-nosed tengu spirits, where the yamabushi mountain monks of the Yakuo-in temple have trained for over a millennia, and a place of worship of Mt. Fuji in the Edo era (1603–1867). Be sure to visit the city’s other museums and partake in its culture, like a bowl of Hachioji Ramen!