Nagominosato Hot Spring and Recreation Complex

A day of hiking in the hills or exploring the town’s many cultural sites calls for a soak in an onsen! About a 10-minute taxi from Akasaka Station, Nagominosato–“Peaceful Village”–is a large recreational facility surrounded on all sides by the great outdoors.

Always wash yourself before entering any of the baths and do not enter the bath with your towel. Also, visitors with tattoos will not be permitted to use the baths.

Located in the middle of the grounds is the Basho Tsukimachi hot spring, which has indoor baths of varying temperatures but the real draw is the outdoor rotenburo bath. With two types available, you get a great view of the mountains and the hot spring’s perfect 35° temperature will sooth away any fatigue. Renowned poet Matsuo Basho once professed that this area was ideal for waiting for the rise of the moon hence its name—Tsukimachi (waiting for the moon).

Besides the onsen, the park offers a number of facilities for families or small groups to enjoy. There is a wide, open area where you can play games or sports; a kids’ playground area; a BBQ area where you can have a picnic or cook dinner if you’re staying—BBQ tools can be rented if you didn’t bring your own—and if you decide to overnight, there are Japanese-style cottages for glamping or a campground if you prefer to sleep under the stars.