Otsuki 大月市

The small city of Otsuki sits some 30 km northeast of Mt. Fuji and a short climb up its surrounding mountains offers views of Japan’s iconic peak unlike anywhere else. Some other draws include rafting down its rivers, viewing the centuries-old Saruhashi Bridge immortalized by ukiyo-e legends Hiroshige and Hokusai, and hands-on glassmaking.


Otsuki makes a strong claim for having Japan’s most magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and has selected 12 spots to best see the peak. In short, you can get an eyeful of Fuji’s splendor without having to travel to the mountain itself. There are also several hiking courses to choose from that all offer spectacular views for a camera to capture. The road to Mt. Fuji branching off from the Koshu-Kaido highway was likely once crowded with Fuji-ko worshipers making their way to the sacred mountain.