Day trip/Tsuru

10 hour

Cost : About 4,000 ~ 7,000 Japanese Yen

This course allows travelers to appreciate the fresh and impactful water sources found in Tsuru. Visitors can learn about how the water from Mt. Fuji helps in the harvesting of real wasabi, which they can handpick and taste, while learning more about the process. Traveling through beautiful foresty areas, they can also observe waterfalls such as the Jiro and Taro falls, which are connected to Japanese folklore and history. Before a relaxing Japanese hot spring experience, complete with natural outdoor baths and dining experience, they can relax at a camping ground nestled in a beautiful natural environment. The next day they can learn about Tsuru's local history with informative museum and temple visits, before sampling local sweets and souvenirs to take home as memories.

  • Walk
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Cable Car
  • Car
  • Depart from Higashikatsura Station on Fujikyuko Line

    Walk 15 minutes

  • Kikuchi Wasabien

    Experience harvesting wasabi

    Many foreigners are not familiar with the taste of "real wasabi", so this wasabi picking experience is recommended even for those who don't like wasabi. A very friendly guide will take you through a wasabi farm, surrounded by fresh spring water and a foresty area that looks like a Studio Ghibli film. Here you can learn about the different types of wasabi, and which pairs best with meat or fish. You can pick your own wasabi, wash and grate it, and then take it with you to enjoy during your stay.

  • Finish harvesting wasabi and depart

    Walk around Tokaichiba Natsugari springs

    (Recommended: Taro-jiro Falls, Eijuin Temple and Tahara Falls)

    Located so close to Mt. Fuji, Tsuru is blessed with fresh and clear water sources, and some connected to Japanese folklore such as the Jiro and Taro falls. The Tahara waterfalls also provide a scenic view of the famously clear water regardless of season.

  • Arrive at Tsurubunkadaigakumae Station on Fujikyuko Line

    Train 5 minutes by Fujikyuko Line train

  • Arrive at Yamuramachi Station on Fujikyuko Line

    Lunch (near Yamuramachi Station)

  • Arrive at Yamuramachi Station on Fujikyuko Line

    Car 20 minutes by taxi

    Bus 30 minutes by Fujikyu bus

  • Tozawanomori Nagominosato

    Tozawanomori Nagominosato

    At a campsite ground right next to a hot spring, visitors can relax and camp at a family-friendly grounds outdoors, appreciate the surrounding nature, then relax at a traditional hot spring.

    Tsuru City Hot Spring Tsukimachi-no-yu

    Visitors can get a full onsen experience at this natural hot spring, complete with outdoor natural baths, whirlpools, and jacuzzi supplied by Tsuru's famous spring water. When done bathing, a cafeteria and lounge with local delicacies is also available.

  • Depart from Tsuru City Hot Spring Tsukimachi-no-yu

    Car 15 minutes by taxi

    Bus 30 minutes by Fujikyu bus

  • Arrive at Tsurushi Station on Fujikyuko Line