Experience nature and activities in Otsuki

First day: 8.5 hours, second day: 9.5 hours

About 27,000 Japanese Yen~

Cool blue water rushes over your fishing lure and under your paddle as you spend two days mastering rivers in two different ways. The fish may be biting when you cast your line, and if so you can follow up the thrill of the catch with a delicious prize. Equally as fun but wholly different, a river rafting experience will take you where it pleases as you soak in the nature all around.


  • Walk
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Cable Car
  • Car
  • Depart hotel (around Tokyo Station)

    Train About 2 hours by JR Chuo Line and Chuo Honsen Line trains

  • Arrive at JR Saruhashi Station


  • Walk around Saruhashi

    Rafting on the Katsura river beneath the unique "Monkey Bridge" gives visitors a chance to actively navigate and view beautiful fall scenery of a bridge and nature famously depicted in ukiyo-e works.

    Car 15 minutes by taxi

  • Narago Fishing Field

    Experience Hoto noodle making and lunch *Winter only
    Experience valley fishing

    A family and group friendly chance to experience fishing, nature walking, and outdoor Japanese BBQ.

    Car 20 minutes by taxi

  • Arrive at JR Otsuki Station
    Stay at a hotel near Otsuki Station


  • Depart JR Otsuki Station

    Train 7 minutes by JR Chuo Honsen Line train

  • Arrive at JR Torisawa Station

    Car 10 minutes by courtesy car

  • Fujiyama Adventure Club

    Experience rafting
    Lunch (BBQ)

    The Fujiyama Adventure Club provides a rafting experience through deeper locations of the Katsura River for visitors to feel as if they are on an adventure through Japan's wild outdoors.

  • Depart Fujiyama Adventure Club

    Car 10 minutes by courtesy car

  • Arrive at JR Torisawa Station

    Train About 2 hours by JR Chuo Honsen Line and Chuo Line trains

  • Arrive at hotel in Tokyo