Nozaki Sake Brewery

Since the brewery's founding 1884, its chief brewers have spared no efforts to hand-brew their sake with the greatest care, keeping the operations small in scale and winning the continued patronage of the locals. Because of their small-scale brewing policy, it's often hard to procure this sake from the Aki River area, but their Kisho label enjoys a wide fanbase.


Shops with Kisho sake available for purchase
▪ Yamazaki Liquor Store
262 Otsu, Akiruno City, Tokyo
▪ Seven Eleven Tokura
183 Tokura, Akiruno City, Tokyo
▪ Ozawaya Liquor Store
888-1 Itsukaichi, Akiruno City, Tokyo
▪ Hirano-ya
826 Itsukaichi, Akiruno City, Tokyo
▪ Seven Eleven Musashi Itsukaichi Ekimae
225-1 Tateya, Akiruno City, Tokyo

Also available at several other shops throughout Akiruno.