Two-day trip/Akiruno

Day1 : 7 hour   Day2 : 8 hour

Cost : About 55,000 Japanese Yen ~

Akiruno provides foreign visitors with an outdoor experience in Japan they may not have thought possible. Visitors can get in touch with nature by taking peaceful walks on the skybridge, finding plenty of camping sites, creating their own miniature gardens, practicing ninja skills, and even grilling their own freshly caught fish. Exploring the area truly lets you get in touch with the nature of Japan.


  • Walk
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Cable Car
  • Car
  • Depart JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station

    Bus 30 minutes by bus (Nishitokyobus)

    Car 20 minutes by taxi

  • Yajin “Modern Ninja” Experience

    Visitors can learn the self defense techniques, history, and weapon types used by ninja. Unlike other ninja experiences in the city, visitors can do all this in the surroundings actual ninja did.

    *Contact the company to make a reservation.

  • Finish Yajin “Modern Ninja” Experience and depart

    Bus 20 minutes by bus (Nishitokyobus) and 6 minutes on foot

    Car 10 minutes by taxi

  • Walk around the Akigawa Valley

    (Recommended: Ishibune-Bashi Bridge and Akigawa Keikoku Seoto-no-Yu Spa)

    Ishibune-Bashi Bridge

    Crossing the skybridge allows visitors to take many scenic and "Instagrammable" photos of the Akigawa Vally, surrounded by beautiful nature through all four seasons. Visitors to the Ishibune-Bashi Bridge can also enjoy many attractive BBQ and outdoor activity spots.

    Akigawa Keikoku Seoto-no-Yu Spa

    The Seoto-no-Yu spa allows visitors who have spent a day walking/hiking through beautiful nature a chance to soak it all in in baths known to revitalize their skin.

  • Lunch

    (Recommended: Kawagiri, the restaurant inside Akigawa Keikoku Seoto-no-Yu Spa)

  • Finish walking around the Akigawa Valley
    Stay at Akigawa Keikoku Seoto-no-Yu Spa Cottage


  • Depart from the hotel

    Bus 6 minutes on foot and 10 minutes by bus (Nishitokyobus)

    Car 10 minutes by taxi

  • Akigawa International Trout Fishing Ground

    Visitors can enjoy bait fishing in a serene and natural surrounding, taking freshly caught fish to readily supplied BBQ grounds to grill up an outdoor meal.


  • Depart from Akigawa International Trout Fishing Ground

    Bus 5 minutes by bus (Nishitokyobus) and 3 minutes on foot

    Car 5 minutes by taxi

  • Experience Tokyo Yozawa Moss Moss Walk and Mossarium-Making

    Moss Walk and Mossarium-Making

    The moss walk and mossarium allows visitors a chance to walk around an enchanting area, learn about the different types of moss and see them up close. They can then craft their own personal garden of moss and take commemorative photos of it, and leave it as an art piece in the workshop.

    *Contact the company to make a reservation.

  • Finish Tokyo Yozawa Moss
    Moss Walk and Mossarium-Making and depart

    Bus 3 minutes on foot and 30 minutes by bus (Nishitokyobus)

    Car 15 minutes by taxi

  • Arrive at JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Station