Mt. Jinba

Mt. Jinba is fast becoming a popular day-trip alternative to its neighbor, Mt. Takao. Standing at 855 meters, Mt. Jinba offers awesome views of both nearby mountains, Mt. Fuji, and even the Sky Tree and other skyscrapers in Tokyo.

Due to its relatively low elevation, the mountain is a popular destination for lovers of nature and the great outdoors—whether you’re an experienced hiker, a novice, or someone simply looking for a casual hike close to Tokyo.

It takes about 2.5 hours to reach the summit, where you can enjoy a wide picnic area for cherry blossom viewing in the spring while taking in views of greater Kanagawa and Tokyo. If you didn’t bring the stuff for a picnic, you can make the most of the eateries at the summit, especially if you need warming up with dishes like udon noodles made with wild vegetables and oden (simmering soup with veggies). The mountain can be climbed at nighttime to get a different view altogether, so it comes as little surprise that the mountain was selected as having some of the best panoramas in the Greater Tokyo Area.